The water adsorption kinetics of tobacco seeds at 10,20, 30 and 40°C and different relative humidities from 43.􏰁1 to 86􏰁.8% were investigated. The water adsorption curves obtained were well described by the Page equation. A suitable general empirical model was found that includes the effect of temperature and relative humidity.


This study is a continuation of work towards the development of mathematical relationships describing themoisturefluxintobaccoseeds.Theserelationships can be used for the design and control of post-harvest processing and storage conditions.

Equilibrium water sorption isotherms of seeds of several agricultural products have been determined by many investigators (ASAE, 1997; Walters & Hill, 1998), tobacco seeds having been the focus of some studies as well (Menkov, 1999; Menkov & Dinkov, 1999). Most research on the kinetics of sorption processes involving seeds refer to drying (Crisp & Woods, 1994; Correaet al., 1999; Gely & Santalla, 2000). The number of studies on the kinetics of seed re-wetting is fairly limited (Shatadal et al., 1990; Barker & Laird, 1997; Basunia & Abe, 1999).

The objectives of the present study were to experi- mentally determine the kinetic water adsorption curves for tobacco seeds at several static conditions and to describe these curves by a suitable model.